Wonderlit is a speech and drama creative enrichment space for children.
We began by asking ourselves, “what exactly are the building blocks of imagination”? Emotions and Expression. Echoing the Alphabets of Emotions in their branding, we wanted to interpret and translate Expressions through Shapes into the space.

The conventions of a classroom are done away with— there are no solid walls, rectangular tables or whiteboards that you’d typically expect. What we have instead are whimsical free-flowing blobs on the walls that double up as writing surfaces, semi-circular tables that can be freely-configured, and platform stages tucked at the different corners.

The colourful corridors lead the way into the different classrooms framed by irregularly-shaped door openings. We adopted a simpler palette and woodier tones for classrooms to illustrate a breakaway in mood and environment, providing subtle cues to let (young) children know that it’s time to quieten down and focus.

There’s a sense of wonder in every corner and the possibilities are endless.

  • Year 2021
  • Size 3050 sqft
  • Category Education
  • Branding Bureau
  • Photography Marc Tan
  • Awards 2021 DEA Best Public Design (Highly Commended); 2022 SIDA Best in Public Space Design - Institution & Education (Silver)
  • Press Construction+