Violet Oon
Bukit Timah

Violet is a Singaporean icon, and we wanted to represent her on a personal and intimate level in the space. An island show kitchen is anchored as a key design feature, reflecting Violet’s significant contributions to and love for Peranakan cuisine. The show kitchen was designed to look similar to kitchens at home as we wanted guests to experience the space as if they were in Violet’s very own home. A deep emerald green mirrors the colours found in Peranakan tiles; guests dine at a long communal table, sharing food and conversations with each other; and a feature wall of framed items forms the main highlight of the space. This collage of frames encompass everything about Violet—not an exhibition, but a story about her life: from pictures of Violet discovering her first baguette; her first cook book; to distinguished awards she has received.

  • Year 2015
  • Size 1500 sqft
  • Category DINING
  • Branding BLACK DESIGN
  • Photography Lumina