The Beauty Candy

Beauty Candy

The Beauty Candy is a lifestyle concept store that brings together a curated selection of the best and up-and-coming beauty products and lifestyle accessories from around the world. Astrie’s passion for discovering beautiful things in unexpected places is culminated in her dream of opening her own store. The Beauty Candy Apothecary is part of DLD International, and is the company's first retail concept.

The design draws inspiration from the old-fashioned craft workshops and garages that we imagine the products to be artisan-ally created from, simulating a restored English interior with modern-classical apothecary interventions; with a touch of romanticism. The longitudinal expression of the bottle display in apothecaries is used as a scalar and textural counterbalance to the overall space design.

  • Year 2013
  • Size 630 sq ft
  • Category Retail
  • Branding Bravo
  • Photography Lumina