Through the artworks and thoughts shared by 12 artists, Singaplural aims to give its audience a glimpse of what a possible tomorrow might be. We were honoured to be involved in Singaplural 2017, creating a library of the future.

We used the idea of layers of transparency to depict how the future is not always entirely clear, and not necessarily bright. The perimeters of the space were enclosed in translucent sheets with light tube linings, while a stark, all-white interior is broken up by ghostly book shelves and a feature black wall. Moving inwards, layers of fabrics capture images from overhead projectors; the visitor finally comes to a surreal wall of drawers containing handwritten letters.

We downplayed the emotional aspects of the space, not wanting to sway the audience’s view of the future, and instead kept it minimal and sterile—almost like a futuristic movie set.

  • Year 2017
  • Size 1000 SQFT
  • Category Commercial
  • Branding Black Design
  • Photography Jason Tong