Prep Luxe

We went for a simple palette of wood and white paint for the interior of the salon to reflect the colours of natural skin tones. A touch of brass creates a sense of luxury in the space, while the contrast between light and shadow add depth and definition. The brand’s corporate colour—mint green—accents the space, giving Prep Luxe a fresh, energised look that sets it apart from the typical sleek look of hair salons. A partition wall made with diagonally-striped oak wood and an illuminated Prep logo divides the salon space, separating the reception and retail area from the main service area. The main service area is further divided up by dual-purpose design elements to make space for various functions and create storage, while ensuring that the 72-square-metre salon retains its airy, open feel.

  • Year 2015
  • Size 800 sqft
  • Category
  • Branding
  • Photography Lumina