Kitchen & Bar

Pidgin Kitchen & Bar aims to captivate adventurous tastebuds with surprisingly original dishes inspired by Southeast Asian flavours. Bold, playful, and refreshingly fun, Chef-Owner Adrian Ling’s unique sharing plates are inspired by a wicked sense of imagination and fond childhood memories.

The space was designed to maintain a causal environment for guests to enjoy bistronomic dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and locally-farmed produce in an urban-chic setting, complete with craft cocktails and artisanal beers. No fun ever comes out of the ordinary, so expect the unexpected at Pidgin Kitchen & Bar. Inspiration came from the street markets, where streets are filled with hawkers preparing dishes in front of the customers, generating plenty of sounds & aromas to create an exciting dining experience.

Custom details include light fixtures inspired by old street lamps, along with neon signs which contribute to the overall ambience of a market. This showcases how the spirit of the local streetscape could be translated architecturally in a restaurant. On another level, it showcases a holistic approach to restaurant design, seamlessly integrating the design of the restaurant’s interior, furniture, lighting fixtures, graphics, staff uniforms, while incorporating found vintage objects.

  • Year 2013
  • Size 1500 sqft
  • Category DINING
  • Branding Somewhere Else
  • Photography Lumina